Chunky Panday on resuming work: Going out and shooting was quite a scary experience.

MUMBAI: Actor Chunky Panday says that even if one has resumed work and is back on the sets, you can not let your guard down.

Although the shoots for different shows and movies have restarted amid the pandemic and the life is crawling back to normalcy, but it is still not the time to take the situation lightly, feels actor Chunky Panday. Having recently shot for remaining portions of his debut web series Abhay 2, the actor says that there still exists a fear psychosis.

“The situation has been a massive eye opener for all of us. I had to shoot my web series and I was a bit wary about it. It plays on your mind constantly. We were all masked up on set but while shooting I was just standing a feet away from a co-actor. Even though he was tested negative, it worries you. We have to improvise a lot and make it safer for everyone else, not just ourselves,” he tells us.

Highlighting the importance of maintaining utmost safety at all times, Panday adds, “Even if you are shooting, you can not let your guards down. It can strike you anytime. I admit that going out and shooting was a scary experience. But then again, it is crucial that we get back on our feet. I am happy that I am back in action.”

Lauding OTT for being a "superb" medium of entertainment during the lockdown, Panday also believes that it brought forward many talented artistes in last few months.

“It is a superb medium. We have seen so many hidden gems come out during the past few months, all thanks to their OTT shows. We had not even heard of such actors before the lockdown and now they are suddenly big names in the entertainment world. It is actually a nice mix of new blood, new talent coming in, and old talent being rediscovered,” he shares.

Panday, however, is keen to get back to a theatre and admits missing the big screen experience. “I am a big screen person, I love crying, laughing, hooting, whistling and giving gaalis during films, that is me (laughs)”, he signs off.