Ganesh Chaturthi 2020: COVID 19 Warriors Theme Idols Displayed In Hyderabad.

HYDERABAD : The eco-friendly idol pays tribute to frontline workers, such as police, doctors, civic workers, says one of the organisers

The idols of Lord Ganesh, in Hyderabad, has been given the looks of Police personnel and doctor while "Mushakraj" has been styled after GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) staff - as a mark of respect to frontline workers, on Ganesh Chaturthi amid COVID-19 pandemic.

While talking to ANI, Ramya, one of the organisers said that it is an eco-friendly idol. 

"This idol of lord Ganesha idol which is installed here is an eco-friendly idol. We are thanking frontline workers, such as Police, doctors and GHMC staff who are there for us 24/7 and helping us by risking their lives. The idols are giving us the message to maintain social distancing, wear a mask and sanitise hands," she said.

Another organiser Preeti said, "As there is COVID-19 pandemic situation in the whole world, this year we have come up with a theme supporting our frontline warriors i.e Doctors, Police and GHMC workers. They are risking their lives and working for society. We hope that this COVID-19 pandemic ends soon."

The Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is dedicated to the Lord of new beginnings, Ganesha. It started as a reason for get-togethers and meet-ups during the British rule, but today it is marked with the installation of the  idol of deity at homes and at elaborate pandals.

Telangana has reported 2,795 new COVID-19 cases as of August 26 at 8 pm, taking the total number of people infected with the virus in the state to 1,14,483, the Health Department of State said on Thursday.

The total COVID-19 count includes 27,600 active cases and 86,095 recoveries. With eight new deaths due to the virus, the toll has reached 788.